Beautiful moments and precious memories

By Team Kalamwali in Experiences
Updated 22:33 IST Jun 26, 2019

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Was having a conversation with grand mother-in-law over coffee at home n suddenly it started raining..with tears in her eyes she started talking about how her late husband took her for a drive and sugarcane juice(her fav)evertime  it rained..i asked her to get ready n get in to the car..we both left for a drive with some old beautiful songs n stopped for sugarcane juice where I clicked this picture..
I wanted to capture that feeling she had while having it..
Happiness comes by doing small things and making memories and enjoying life has nothing to do with age..i consider this one as the best picture i clicked as its not just a picture its a moment,a memory..
My best friend,my grand mother in law🤗
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