An ode to friendship

By Jyoti in Experiences
Updated 17:13 IST Jul 08, 2017

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What does a true friend mean? I don’t have an answer to the above question but I think as you mature in life, gain experiences and face challenging situations – you start to understand the meaning of a true friend.

Through this article I want to thank my two wonderful friends without whom I would not be able to remain sane in this chaotic world. There are certain things that I can share with them only, rant about anything/everything under the sun/moon and make fun of the tough situations/challenges that I face. It is not like we agree on all things, we have our share of arguments and honestly share our doubts but this brainstorming helps us to see a situation in a different light. Many a times we are so rigid and prejudiced that it is necessary for us to get an honest opinion and a different perspective which only a true friend can provide.

In our life, we meet a lot of people and make friends. There are friends for different phases for our life but a few friends remain with us throughout the life. As we grow, the definition of friendship changes and we come to know the difference between friends and a true friend. It’s okay if you don’t have many friends but you are lucky if you can count on the few you have. I am lucky to have been blessed with these two people in my life – even thinking of a few memories with them brings a smile to my face. There are a few places where we used to hang out so many times and gossip, sometimes for the sake of seating there we had to order something even if no one wanted to eat/drink. Nowadays the frequency of our meetings has reduced but still when we meet it’s just like old times.

In today’s age of FB, Twitter and n number of social networking sites, people have so many friends that I sometimes wonder - do they know all the people with whom they are friends! People are always online but they don’t have time for the person sitting next to them. Maybe this is the effect of generation gap but the definition of friendship for today’s youth is very different from that of my generation. In the end I would like to quote “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized then true friendship”

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