All about being single!!!

By Digvita Shah in Poems » Long
Updated 13:46 IST Feb 03, 2018

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Crossing the timeline of my life..

I saw my dad's perspiration..

My mom's inundated determination..

My strong self motivation..


Though near and dear ones posed interogatory questions..

We considered those only as notions..

To keep ourselves always in motion..


Until, I kept wondering..

What kept me bothering?

Unsuccessful attempts..

Or unheard requests..

The entire process..

Or lack of progress..


Am I complaining?

No! I have ended up comparing..

Is it lack of daring?

Or is it scaring?

No! Just wish to know..

What each one is aspiring for..

While looking out for pairing..


Are rejections on my mind?

No. But, unestablished connections surely are..

Am I being pessimistic?

No. Just a little realistic..


This is all a test of time..

But, never treat it as pastime..

Yes, it's a decision lasting for a lifetime..

Which surely needs everyone's dedication full-time..


Is it just an interpretation?

Why am I carving such an impression?

No! It's a confession..

Finding its way of expression..

Hope that, this leads to some facilitation...

Harbouring all towards their desired destination..


- Digvita Shah

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