Age is not a barrier!

By Jyoti in Experiences
Updated 16:31 IST Mar 15, 2019

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It has been said that there is no age limit to learn anything. Before a few years, I enrolled myself in a music class for piano lessons. I started learning classical music and harmonium very early and continued till my primary school but afterwards I couldn't continue due to studies. Then I got busy with high school, college, job and life! So after a gap of almost 25 years, I once again started to learn.

Initially it felt a bit awkward to sit between school going kids but the awkwardness disappeared after a few lessons. I could recall many things which I had learned a long way back.

Music has this calming effect on me. The moment I used to enter the class, all my worries and tensions used to fly out. I used to forget everything for an hour thrice a week. The concentration required to play some beautiful piano pieces ensures that no other thought enters the mind! I enjoyed this phase for 2 years after which I couldn't continue it further.

There are problems in everybody's life but these get forgotten atleast for a while when the person does something that he/she enjoys. The problems won't go away but you would be much stronger and calmer to face them. Always do find time for some hobby which gives you joy in this chaotic world and remember that age is never a barrier to learn/try something new!


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