The inevitable change

By Rhea sovani in Experiences
Updated 01:30 IST Jun 16, 2016

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Don't resist the spontaneous and natural changes in life. It will only create sorrow. Let reality be reality. Make the most out of this life because this is the only chance you've got and apparently, change is indeed the most inevitable out of all the other phenomena's of life. Most of the times, you won't be able to steer clean from the turning points in life which end up taking you to an all new hurricane of dilemmas. Instead, you can brace yourself and go with the flow. The goal is to shield yourself and move towards your own betterment in the due course of life and the various different changes that it has to offer. Reality can sometimes shock you in ways that you might not be able to comprehend immediately. Take your time, embrace the change, but just don't give up what you're doing or throw it all away. Always be sure to put up a brave fight. Just don't loose yourself in the process.
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