Haikus? are they?

By Non-Being in Experiences
Updated 01:30 IST Jun 16, 2016

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worker bees cannot leave. sounds also mean nothing. kings will not reign forever. stones turn to dust.   black sheeps of clouds. a monolithe; a giant fireball. whose expense has mattered anyway? shadows still fall on earth. bleeding from the same old wounds. shaken but not taken. same old identity. a lost and a new-found perspective. grim spaces lost in tears. colorless room leading to stairs. watery eyes staring at the vivid light. life loses its meaning. stillatory umbraes formed around shadows. until the light seizes to exist. what once was is lost. darkened; all has become. cruelty finds its ways through heart. rationalizing brain doesn't understand an emotion. just another chemical reaction. leaving scars in the hearts of thousands. the ones who came had to leave. A closed and bounded interval. the bride has left the altar too.   the world is too big to comprehend. an identity is as abstract as the universe it creates around itself. nothing but a bubble. summers come and the leaves are charred. winters are too harsh for them to survive. even the gods cry to bring them back to life... ..of shores merging with the sea. but never completely. oh is the water always reluctant? or the sand to rigid in her own ways? Words dont have meaning what is it but a sound? *SIGH* ;) Maintain Silence; for The deaf will never Hear. Utterances heard by self. you,the (l)one who hears it. these ants crawl all over the place. claiming everything. i, the mighty one. still unclaimed. fighting to claim.        
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