How valuable are Indian values?

By KSawani13 in Experiences
Updated 01:30 IST Jun 16, 2016

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Today's India is a lot more modern and advanced than it ever was.Sea links,Metros and what not have together changed the face of our nation.Our standard of living,level of education,everything is growing day by day.Our country has made commendable progress in recent years.But yet,there are still numerous factors that make us fall behind most.And they are all our fault. Indian values have always been a topic of debate all around the world.Some think they define India,they are the legacy of our nation;while some think that they are best left in the past centuries.But what are these values anyway and what characteristics does one need to have to be known as a person with values? If a girl takes in all the brutality thrown at her by her parents and in-laws silently,without even a whimper,she has values.But if a girl fights for her right to education,she has none.It is quite a surprise how we all come together when it comes to judging a person,but never when it comes to helping someone.It is now time that we think beyond what we always learnt and start looking at things differently.A woman is a lot more than just a piece you can judge.She is strength,she is power,she is beauty and can destroy the world if she wants.We feel great to 'Rate' a woman's character without even knowing what she is going through.That is afterall what we are taught since childhood. I remember a story from the times I was young.My cousin brother had finished his graduation,but was unable to find a job suitable to his qualification.Then one day my uncle told him that he must take up whichever job he gets happily and that one should never think of any work as something low.After hearing this,I suddenly felt the urge to ask him that if no work is of low level,then why is the sex-worker working hard to feed her children looked down at? Every problem that our society is facing today is because we wouldn't change ourselves.Demeaning a woman shows your Indian values.And if a woman who parties till late,wears clothes she is comfortable in regardless of their length,makes friends of the opposite gender is valueless,then I am proud to say that I am valueless,that I have no Indian values.Change starts with us.It is a revolution and we all must revolt.Respecting women is not just an Indian,but an Universal value.
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