First Ganesha

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Updated 01:30 IST Jun 16, 2016

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Daksh's first ever ganpati, well first one where he could truly participate. It was the first time I was actually undertaking the whole ritual starting from bringing home our Ganesha. How was I supposed to know that even our own Ganesha needs an appointment that fills up almost 2 months prior !?!??!! So I merrily decide to purchase one - A day before the stapana day .. Yeah and the misery begins !! Now, I knew that I didn't want to compromise on my baby's first ganpati.. After all motherhood is all about setting examples through actions, it had to be an Eco- friendly Ganesha. As usual, I google and get a huge list of shops selling Eco friendly ganpati.. To my horror the first two stores I call are sold out.. While I was beginning to imagine what that would mean .. I called the third number and it said yes we have plenty left . So I go across town. The lady says yes we have two shelves of the size you are looking for in Eco friendly. I smile to myself ..'see people overrate these things all the time' And begin to choose . Amidst all that clamour and clatter .. I Pick one that's just small enough to fit in my baby's tiny hands. Just as I'm about to 'book' it.. I return to my senses (that were silenced with, one - the incredible amount of noise hyper excited families can make and two - the horrifying idea that I might have to do with with a substandard idol) and ask the lady at the counter "umm.. You are sure this is Eco friendly ?" "Oh yea definitely" she replies " so the material is shadu (Eco friendly clay) ??" "yes ma'am .. I told you already, this is the Eco friendly shelf.." "Uhh ok " embarrassed but still not convinced , don't know why - Like .. Come on! the owner of this reputed store is answering your queries herself.. ".. But" I say hesitantly.. as there are others waiting to pay "the colours ?" " Madame .." Obviously irritated.. "Yes.. They are" I almost succumb to the pressure mounting and pay.. When something stops me .. "but the golden ?? Isn't that poisonous?" And this I say, all prepared to be ridiculed by her as an unaware customer who doesn't even know that they make eco friendly golden colour now. 'Err .. Umm.. Yea thaatt is not exactly eco friendly .. It's its just a small area( lie - anyone who knows what Ganesh idols are would know that The Lord is covered with gold jewellery..almost 40% surface) .. And how can you paint the mukut(throne) in any other color Madame?? ' I just stood there shocked .. Didn't argue or question.. Just left not in anger.. But in dismay .. How many wanting to be eco friendly were cheated ? But it only got worse .. Many other stores did the same. I finally found one store with its last piece remaining, it was way too big but it was eco friendly, un-baked shadu. Painted with yellow turmeric and red with the color that goes on clay pots . And it look just as beautiful as any other artificial Plaster of Paris idol. I'm slightly satisfied on a personal level. It took me a whole day and ridiculous searching in the rains battling traffic and lack of parking. These are minor woes to tilt the scales of my principles .. But would you go that extra mile to do what is right ?  
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