Why Whatsapp when you can Telegram!

By ravina21 in Experiences
Updated 01:30 IST Jun 16, 2016

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Most of us are so used to Whatsapp at this point that it's tough to even consider a change. My friend had been insisting I try this app called Telegram for a long time. After days of contemplation and much reluctance, I started using it a couple of days ago. I was surprised to see that there was almost no difference between the interface of Whatsapp and Telegram. The options are located at the same place, the emoticons are the same and so are most other features. So what's different? It's much faster, more secure and accessible from other devices such as your computer, ipad and even the ipod, as compared to Whatsapp! There is a secret chat option in which you are able to self-destruct chats in the time set by you such as 10 seconds, after which your chat is destroyed from both devices. This application lets you exchange documents as well and encrypts every single conversation (even the non-secret ones) making it almost impossible to hack. I believe the number of participants you can broadcast to at a time is 100 which is also more than Whatsapp's allowance. After recent news articles about online security being compromised such as the icloud celebrity photos mishap and snapchat and dropbox security breach, I have been paying more attention to web security. I don't know if most users have noticed this but every time you click on a profile photo to view it in Whatsapp it gets saved in a discreet folder in your phone somewhere. You can check this when you connect your phone to your PC and access the Profile Pictures folder within the Whatsapp one which is probably inside the DCIM one :P This only means that every time anyone has clicked on your profile pic it is saved on their device and they can use it in any way. I do not know if Telegram has resolved this issue but thought it was an interesting fact about Whatsapp that most of us are unaware of. And no Telegram has not paid me to blog about it :P Just thought it's a really cool app to switch to from Whatsapp especially since there's rumours that Whatsapp is going to become a paid app after it's acquisition by Facebook. Since Telegram is a non-profit venture it is going to remain free forever. So why pay for an app when you can get a better version of the same for free :) PS- Would love to hear from others what they think of this app: maybe it's just me that thinks it's so much better..
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