By Rhea sovani in Long
Updated 01:30 IST Jun 16, 2016

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There's always a thin line between being naive and being utterly gullible. The former being the most subtle way of describing a person who quietly puts up with every hurtful threat that is thrown on them. This is a category of people who suffer in silence and keep all the miseries to themselves by putting up walls of a bright exterior to show the world the facade of their happiness. I always considered myself to be the victim of this particular category of people. The category that almost always falls prey to the evils of the everyday world, the category that gets bogged down by negativity. I could feel myself turning into a pale, wan, weak shadow of the bright firefly I used to be! But it's time all of us stop putting up this farce of pretending to be strong, when we clearly feel like bursting out into flames. It's time we show disapproval and we show it loud and proper. It's time to voice out our opinions for what is right. It's time for us to understand that it is not the least bit of a mistake to revolt or to defend our case when we are being looked down upon, even in the smallest of the cases. If somebody bad mouths you or hurts you, you must fight back, you must fight your own battles instead of swallowing up your words. How long will you keep your voice unheard? This is just proves to be some kind of an ego boost or an incentive to the person who's making your life a living hell!! And as the popular opinion goes; egos are always on the escalating mode. These self important people take pleasure in the sadistic joys of hurting people. They feed on your miseries and suck out your happiness. So do not let them get to you!! If you embrace your inner warrior and put up a brave fight, it not only gives you the self confidence but it also helps to poke the huge bubble of superiority that people create around themselves. If you see yourself falling into the pattern of giving in to other peoples false miseries of people, it's best to stay away from them! It's best to let go of these people because they're just creating a massive obstruction in your happiness. Life is too precious to waste it on all the wrong people. So don't make the mistake of letting some people stay in your life longer than they deserve, stand up for what you believe in, believe what you want to believe, change your priorities and do whatever suits your interests the best, yours and only yours! Little do they know that the ever so resilient girl can overpower them! Breakthrough!! Emancipate!!
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