8 Outdated Denim "Rules"

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Updated 15:27 IST Aug 17, 2016

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RULE #1: Short Girls Should Avoid Cropped Jeans

           If you're on the petite side, ankle-length denim can actually make you look taller- if you know how to style            it. A cropped pair, with metallic ankle booties and a breezy top for a quirky- cool look that works  just                    awesome.

RULE #2: Colourful Jeans Aren't Versatile

           Denim doesn't have to stop at blue- the trick is the choose a shade that goes with everything in your                      closet.Rock this colourful pair with neutral accessories to let the unexpected hue shine!

RULE #3: You Have To Wear Boots With Boot-Cut Jeans

           You probably shouldn't judge a pant by its name. Instead, make like a style blogger and pair your boot-cut             jeans with flat, lace-up sandals and boho accessories for a fun, trendy look that's as cute as it is                           comfortable.

RULE #4: Tall Girls Can't Wear High-Waisted Jeans

           High waisted jeans are the perfect style to shoe off long legs. Balance em' out with on-trend kicks and a                cropped striped tee-your lengthy stems will be the star of the show.

RULE #5: Balance Skinny Jeans With A Loose Top

           Swap your tries-and-true whit tee for a sleek bodysuit, and finish off the look with funky slip-on sneaks.                For school and chilly nights, top it off with a satin bomber to stay warm without sacrificing style.

RULE #6: Plus-Size Girls Shouls Only Wear Dark-Wash Denim

              Because of its rap and slimming, dark-coloured denim usually gets all the glory.  Unfair, we say, not to                 mention, totally unnecessary since light-washed are equally as flattering. Just pair it with a dark top and                neutral accessories for a seasonal look that slays, no matter your size.

RULE #7: Only Dads Wear Straight-Leg Jeans

              Straight-legs are coming back from dad-bod purgatory,guys. the easy silhouette looks super fresh(and               decidedly un-dadlike) when worn with a colourful crop top and boho accessories.

RULE #8: Flared Jeans Are So 2000s

              After the years-long reign of the skinny jean, flared jeans are back in a major way. Pair a lightly faded                   pair with an off-the-shoulder top and neutral platforms for a look thats trendy.              




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Kalamwali 17-Aug-2016 15:37

What a lovely myth breaking write up!

Surender Singh Chaudhary 15-Sep-2016 09:30

I am not praising u for ur knowledge.
But for ur writing style.
Go ahead
The world is waiting for u

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