5 Must dos in Bangkok

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Updated 01:30 IST Jun 16, 2016

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When you are welcomed with folded hands, a bow and smile everywhere u go, you know you are in Bangkok. When you feel like royalty as a tourist with the variety of foods and array of services available, you know you are in Bangkok. When you never run out of things to do, you know you are in Bangkok. 'The Big Mango', as it is fondly known, this city has attracted tourism from all over the globe, as a holiday in Bangkok fits almost any pocket, age group or preferred interests. Picking five 'must do in Bangkok' is like trying to pick the five best looking roses in a rose garden. Here is an attempt to capture the multifariousness with it's top five to enthral most type of tourists. Thai massage: In almost any direction you look, you will find massage parlours with 'Thai massage' neon signs flashing, inviting you for an enchanting massage. If you carefully and authentically pick the right joint, you can almost instantly fall into a deep slumber with the aroma of the massage and soothing Thai instrumental music in the background, feeling complete rejuvenation once you arise from it. A Thai massage is instantaneously addictive and it's quite certain that you would want to pamper yourself with it more than once. Local markets of Bangkok: When in Bangkok, you must shop for necessary and more importantly not so necessary things, especially because they are cheap. With the prices so lucrative and bargaining always on the agenda, you can never get enough of Bangkok's local and night markets. Souvenirs, first copies of labels, duplicates of brands, local specialities, handmade goods to almost anything your wish list may comprise. Also a must buy is Thai silk from a local vendor. Popular Night markets like Patpong have much more than just articles to offer. You could walk in to find yourself completely entertained for the rest of the evening. Tuk tuk: Traffic is almost inescapable in any big Asian city. Bangkok is no exception. But what comes as a bit of a relief from staying put in cabs at jams for a distance you could have literally walked in that much time, are the Tuk tuks. These are the three wheeled public mode of transport that flee through traffic and get you to any location you wish in less money and lesser time. The ride itself is riveting and could be gotten used to. With your hair flying and body swaying, the Tuk Tuk ride will form a memorable part of your trip here. The Khlongs of Thonburi Thonburi, the old capital of Bangkok city, has deliberately avoided the development seen otherwise in the city and retained the feel of the ancient town with contrived shacks, old wooden townhouses and 'lean tos' in ramshackle. You are sure to drift away into another world on this journey as you will be met by sites of people living a simple life, fishing, scrubbing clothes, some just sitting waving at you, monks dressed in orange etc. The most appropriate way to tour the Khlongs (canals) along the old town is on a colourfully painted, long tail boat that could be hired from several spots. The rates for the same are quite affordable but never forget to try your hand at bargaining. A walk along Sukumvit: Sukumvit is the most popular district of Bangkok especially amongst tourists. One of the longest boulevards in Asia, housing hundreds of hotels, motels, restaurants, clubs, pubs, massage parlours, shops, hawkers with local and fresh foods. Such a kaleidoscope of things to do that you might want to conveniently lose yourself here. It's almost impossible to walk the whole of Sukumvit in a day or two, so make sure you do your research well and head in right direction for yourself. This is only the tip of the iceberg as Bangkok has in abundance to offer like it's safaris, palaces, temples, shopping malls, museums and adventure sports. Cheap prices and impeccable hospitality makes it a destination one must visit to get a unique flavour of the Asian culture.
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sanchita 22-Nov-2016 14:57

Liked the way you described the tuk tuk ride.Very well written.

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