• Rohan | 26-May-2016
    Memoirs of Switzerland Gazing through the planes window I peeped to see the scenery below First sight of vast greens across the land To flowing river between the land Across came a ferry to escort our band As we landed on that blessed land Hospitality of men, quite to its best As women welcomed, us, willing guests. Driving with a cab to our destination Withering milestones giving a gist of the nation Vast fields and mountains touching the sky Was it a dream, or was it a lie? Hushed and subtle all around, No crowds, no bustle not a wild hound Winds blowing to a tune and smooth Without any dust, creasing our suit. Wooden houses stacked across Stone compounds gathering some moss A giant chimney, ruffling and puffing out On porch some men on whiskey and draught. As we moved through all of Berne, It had our praises and lauding to earn Some streets of tar to some cobblestones No bumps or dribbles and no pot holes! Centre of the city stood a huge cathedral Nearby a clock towe
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  • Rohan | 08-May-2016
    Virgin Love un-kept!   What should I have done for you? To keep our love arranged? How could you embrace with all your love? Then leave me mid way estranged?   How could you kiss with all your heart Then leave me alone to weep How could you promise love to me And not thy promise keep?   How could you hold with all that care And call our love a mistake How could you win my innocent heart And leave that heart to break?   -
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