We're Lovers

By Vageesha in Poems » Long
Updated 23:55 IST Jun 23, 2022

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Oh my love where are you?

I'm your submissive with whom you can do what you wish to

I recall how on my body those invisible traces are left

Each one of your fingers and there when I think about them I simply melt

I told you that for eternity I'm yours

As my yearning for your love forever endures

I might always let you set the pace

'Cause I love when you touch my face

The way you adore me, the way you enlighten me 

I say no universe could cease you to be my destiny 

I've known that with you I'm awakened and wild

However, you always for me ensure it to be a bit mild

I fancy when our kisses go slow

For it's soothing and soft as if it's snow

And when for a moment we cease to catch a glimpse of our eyes

But then we reprise it again for the shame that the rest expect us to carry, flies

Although later we simply rest our hands on one another's 

Just to feel a bit more deeply that yes we're lovers.

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