The Only Way

By pooja Sama in Poems » Short
Updated 10:55 IST Feb 15, 2021

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Soul was called into being, by the power,

Everything was thriving close by;

Soul laughed, enjoyed and felt safe in the lap of maternal.

Mum and dad brought up the soul,

Soul was so pulchritudinous like a soft flower.


The soul was excited and ready to live,

Life was beautiful, was full of turns.

Things were colourful and supporting,

Soul jumped fully to live every hour.


So many, the soul met with; so many, the soul behaved with;

 First time, the soul got jerked in heart, someone cheated.

Soul went to mum; mum loved and soaked all sorrow,

Soul was ready to live again as a vower.


Soul had a little sibling, mum produced;

Soul accompanied, siblings turned vivacious.

One day the whole mountain of difficulty rushed upon,

Soul lost the mother.


The heart became dry the mind become silent soul was drowned in the sea of grief

That was not all,

The soul lost the sibling,

Soul wanted to die, life became sour


The sorrow was big, difficult to absorve;

Soul thought and thought then looked at the dad;

Soul saw towards the power and murmured, I got, “There is the only way, you left for the souls.”

Soul decided to smile always, still smiles like a gentle shower.



Written by - POOJA SAMA

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