The Epiphany

By Manali Jobanputra in Poems » Short
Updated 16:15 IST Oct 31, 2020

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A decade old crush,
A quick destined brush,
Guess Old Flames Rekindled,
As barriers within dwindled !!!

Began with the usual ritual,
Late night calls were habitual,
The laughter, fun and glee,
Reminiscing the romantic debris !!!

He was both; exhilarating ,
And equally tranquilizing ,
The banter & tête-à-tête,
Washed away all the fret!

His shenanigans ; oh so adorable,
His excuses ; hilariously deplorable,
At times was frustratingly infuriating,
And then was endearingly appeasing.

It was all raw & undefined,
I knew not what kept us twined,
No promises, no expectations,
Just exploring our imaginations!

I’d often find myself lost in his thoughts,
Of the could be s and the could nots,
I knew not why he was so captivating,
His smile was immensely distracting.

The feeling was much surreal,
Pretty soon it got very real,
A conversation of disagreement,
His ideas ; a huge disappointment!

Swoosh! In a moment it was gone,
The attraction immediately withdrawn,
Off the mighty pedestal he fell,
And His ignorance broke the spell!



- © Manali Jobanputra 

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