That Ending

By Lopamudra Lenka Samantaray in Poems
Updated 21:47 IST Nov 21, 2020

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I was running so much of distances;

With so much of thoughts;

I was not able to speak up;

not even ready to talk.

Just was struggling to blink;

Not was willing to respond;

Not was listening to anyone;

Gradually, all were looking blurred.

Not even wanted to distinguish;

What is love and what is hate!

What is right and what is wrong!

What is truth and what is not!

What is hope and what is lost!

Some external sounds were hitting inner peace;

A big laughter was hurting my soothing smiles;

Those moments were about to cease;

with one-way breath;

with one-way journey;

with one-way destination;

Just alone, alone and alone.....



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