Sthayee: A tribute to Mother Nature.

By Asmita Javdekar in Poems » Long
Updated 12:22 IST Apr 15, 2019

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Sthayee: A tribute to Mother Nature.

When I first came home, She was in full blossom, swaying with joy by my bedroom window.
Right there. स्थायी.

I began walking, I began talking.
Her colours faded and changed.
She always kept an eye on me.
Right there. स्थायी.

I began growing.She was my companion.
I swung on her branches, tossed around her seeds.
She caressed my innocence.
Right there. स्थायी.

My hormones began pirouetting,
Her trunk witnessed my art.
She gave her quiet encouragement.
Right there.स्थायी

I met my partner.
My world
transcended to ours.
She was unchanged.
Right there. स्थायी.

I grew inquisitive for answers
my search for my Why deepened.
She was unmoved.
Right there. स्थायी.

When the dusk of my life descended,
I wobbled to her side.
The moment I hugged her, I felt her heart beat within mine.

I don’t know how life seeped through me
Now my gravestone lay by her side.
She dropped a flower on me.
Even in Death,
She was there.
Right there. स्थायी.

In that moment it dawned on me
Her secret merged into mine.
I was defined by Change.
She was defined by staying.
In me she was dormant.
In her I lay silent.
We were two sides of the same coin.

I was becoming.
She was being.
She was Nature and so was I
She was there. I was there.
Right there. स्थायी.

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Shreya 17-May-2019 00:12

This is so pure.

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