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What she lacked, he had. What he lacked, she possessed. What they both lacked, they didn’t need. And what they both had, multiplied their strength.

They weren’t perfect. Neither for each other, nor on their own. They didn’t even want to be perfect. But they were unique. And they were differently unique. The commonness in them was their uniqueness.

They met each other when they were doing great without each other. They kept meeting each other when they had nothing to do with each other. But they found each other when all they needed was each other.

They didn’t know how exactly to behave with each other. But they knew precisely how not to behave with each other. And this helped them shore each other up.

They were fighters, survivors. They had survived their biggest fights and fought bravely for their survival. To this day they fight and survive. They fight against the world and survive with each other.

He was her hero. She looked up to him like she would look at the stars and the moon. She was his pride. He protected her like she were the jewel in his crown.

They never told each other how much they loved or wanted each other. And because they didn’t tell, they showed. And because they showed they knew. And because they knew, they didn’t need to tell.

Sometimes they fought. Tones changed, voices raised, sentences twisted, moods fluctuated. But they both knew how not to be and give reasons leading to fights that would harm their bond. And knowing this, they enjoyed those once in a while fights.

He knew she had admirers. She knew he had stalkers. But they both knew how to use these elements to further ignite the fire between them.
She understood his passion. He understood her. They both together understood what to understand of each other.

This ‘He’ and ‘She’ were a complex mishmash of difficult and easy. They faced the most difficult situations with utmost ease and faced difficulties while dealing with easy issues. Even as people, they were both difficult and easy.

They belonged to the world outside but created a world of their own which the world outside wasn’t allowed into. They loved, protected and nurtured this world. It had no name, shape, state or description. But it was theirs. The world that was created out of serendipity. The serendipity that gave them their world and life.

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