Religion: It's Not You

By Vageesha in Poems » Long
Updated 23:24 IST Jun 23, 2022

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Hey eight-letter word religion 

The one who has it's own rebellion 

Heard you having abundant forms 

Alongst with your contrary norms 

No dubiety you do seem to have a wide range 

Due to which for other forms you look strange 

This strangeness has now turned into a dispute 

Perhaps in order to make the other mute 

Or I might've misunderstood that they formed you for peace

For as I wonder whether will their rivalry ever cease 

I sit after praying, telling myself that it is what with your name they do 

However, I will forever know that it's not you 

As I've felt piousness and clarity for I've known you're not evil 

I've known this for quite some time that it's us who've made you a poisonous cereal.

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