Our Bigoted Society

By Manali Jobanputra in Experiences
Updated 20:22 IST Mar 07, 2018

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I live in a world that is governed by the laws of rights and wrongs. Every action is categorized in either of the category, and is binding to each and every individual. From the moment we enter this world, it begins, the teachings of right and wrongs. Our minds are wired to think the way the society wants us to think. Its no different than a herd of goats following one behind the other, blindly. We too, ignorantly,  keep believing and practicing these baseless laws.


There is no freedom to choose what you as an individual perceive to be right or wrong. I wonder sometimes where it all came from, who actually got to decide whether something is right or wrong. Why does someone else get to decide for me? So many of us fear to make choices, because we’re blinded by the society’s bifurcation of deeds.


The freedom to finding my love is trapped by society’s norms. It doesn’t matter if I love him unconditionally, it’s wrong in the self-proclaimed Jury’s (the society) eyes and thus it is unethical. Someone may fear in acknowledging my love, or accepting that he loves me back, in the fear of the society. The fear of how they might tarnish his image and ruin everything he has built ; His character, his relationships, his persona as an individual.


I wonder how many more like me suffer, how many loves die before they even get a chance to bloom, how many hearts refrain from expressing their love and how many stories end before they could start!  I used to believe that all you needed to be together was love, but I stand corrected. Loving each other is one of the minimal requirements, you also need validation from the self-proclaimed Jury ( Who, by the way, know nothing about you), then you need PERMISSION from these so called religious leaders, and after all of that, lastly, you still need to convince your family who is also blinded by the society.


The two, who actually wish to spend their lives together, have absolutely no say in their decision, but the rest of the world, sure has a big mouth and umpteen lectures to give. I am appalled by the functioning of this society. A society where it’s easier to hate, than to love. It is our society that gives birth to criminals, who are wronged by the illogical laws under the name of Religion and Culture. It is this very society that teaches us to HATE, to degrade the opposite sex,  to hate someone from a different caste, to ill treat the underprivileged, to outcast victims of trauma, to disown someone who takes a step against the laws of the so called culture.


There is no place for love in this society. There are a hundred rules to abide by, if you want to love, but there is no rule for hatred. Our culture, that we take much pride in, as they say teaches love, but does it? Hypocrisy runs in our blood. One can fight publicly, but can’t hug/kiss publicly ! So basically, the society can tolerate violence publicly, but not love. If a young couple is found even holding hands ( which is no crime, what so ever), some radicals will react to it violently, beating them up or getting them arrested, etc while commoners will call them names and shame them.


So how exactly does our culture teach love? It feels more like we are promoting hatred and violence, everywhere, everyday, every time. I wonder if there will ever be a day, when people will learn to mind their own damn business, and let each individual live his/her life on their own terms and conditions. A time when loving someone comes without rules, and expressing the same is without the fear of societal consequences. I hope to see a day where each individual has the freedom of love in its true sense.



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