of reality and imagination

By GOLAKAR in Poems » Long
Updated 23:41 IST May 28, 2017

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the lipstick impressions on the edges

is all I have

of life and reminiscence

for the rest it’s more like

being a marionette pulled by invisible strings

in different directions

in an evening of tempests and rain

you lipstick smudge infested the stars

and its ripples swayed

my life

I have forgotten the origin

and in my demise stumbled upon

the pages of a thousand year old tome

where men, real men

settled their love in death

heroes, they were, but I am not among them

I shall live with you in reverie

my material life ignored for another

where I  am privileged to bring to life

the lost moments and reverse all my desires

which turned to regret and create rivers in green

there will  be times

when you and I will rule everything

faith, desire, destiny and fantasy

as for reality

they are the lies we keep telling ourselves

again and again

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