My soul on a starry night

By Diyaa in Poems » Long
Updated 19:35 IST Nov 15, 2017

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Under the star covered skies

I lay myself down

On the frosted grass blades

I rest my crown


My thoughts are not with me

My soul searching for it's peace

I gaze around endlessly

The world around me has come to cease


The mesmeric lights that I see

Dancing away intensely

They drop me in their humbleness

Revealing it's secrets discreetly


The night sky never looked this beautiful

Covered partly in silky swirling lights

Surprising me more and more

By this exotic sight


I came to look for a soul to love

That would touch me deep inside

It would help me grow

And make me feel alive tonight


But I no more sense the need for this

For I can see my aura shine

I realised it was not outside but

My own light that shone from deep inside


There's no other soul that can complete mine

For I am no piece of a puzzle

I am absolute who by myself

Perfected under his guidance!

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