Lessons from a Scooty

By Asmita Javdekar in Stories
Updated 12:36 IST Mar 22, 2019

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Vasu worked as a nanny at the Mirchandani household.Her husband Dheeraj started off as a handyman of the house and over time had risen to the post of the most trusted driver of Mr.Akash Mirchandani,founder and MD of the biggest auto manufacturing company in the city.Akash was married to Ria for 8 years and they had a happy,energy bunny,Om who was all of 6.
Ria was a fitness enthusiast and a celebrated socialite.
          On the morning of December 21st,Dheeraj came on duty in his crisp white uniform,polished black shoes,his oiled hair neatly combed with a side parting.He requested the housekeeper to see Ria.
Ria stepped into the Sun Porch,dressed in her gym clothes,ready to hit the Pilates studio.She greeted Dheeraj with a Good Morning.
"Good morning Madam,ek request thi.Aaj Vasu aur muzhe jaldi chutti mil sakti hai?
6 baje tak nikal sake, to bhi chalega.Aaj thoda special din hai."

Ria chuckled,"Kya special hai?"

"Aaj hamari shadi ko 2 saal hue Madam.Aur ek baat puchni thi,kya aaj office mein jo purani scooty padi hai,wo le ja skate hai.9 baje tak vapis yahaa aa kar park karenge."

Ria wished him a Happy Anniversary and granted permission for his little celebration.
It instantly dawned on her that Aakash and she had been invited for a friend's anniversary that night.She thought it would be a welcome change to self drive and spend some much needed time with Akash.
          It was 9pm and Ria looked ravishing in her glittering gold Givenchy dress with her carefully messed hairdo,complimenting black pumps and her Valentino lock clutch bag.
Akash pulled out his Bentley in the driveway and got busy on a phone call.In a few minutes,Ria got into the seat next to Akash waiting nonchalantly while occupying herself with some selfies.
"For once,stop being so self obsessed."Akash blurted as soon as he got off his call.
"Insensitive,downright rude and just incapable of appreciation.Is that how you begin your conversation with me?How dare you Akash?"Ria exploded.
The combustion chamber of the engine started creating little explosions similar to the ones inside the car as it started rolling out.
As the Bentley was ready to swerve outside the gate,an old grey scooty rattled inside.Perched on it was Dheeraj with Vasu sitting pillion,holding on to his arm shyly.The floral pink pallu of her synthetic nylon saree was fluttering in sync with the strings of blossoming mogras in her plaited hair.
As he passed the car,Dheeraj muttered to Vasu "Someday,I will take you for a drive in a car like this."
      The Bentley came to a sudden halt.Akash summoned Dheeraj to get the scooty,took charge of it himself,veered it towards Ria and asked her to hop on.She caved in.
For the next fifteen minutes they rode inside the premises of their lavish home,laughing uncontrollably.Ria ripped her designer outfit in this flurry of excitement.
Somehow, she did not mind it.
The rip deep within had begun to heal.

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