Jalaja & Trisha

By Asmita Javdekar in Experiences
Updated 10:46 IST Sep 13, 2019

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All of thirteen, these two eighth graders from Jnana Prabhodini have decided to make a book on educational and career choices.
They are going to interview 100 people.
1.Those who knew exactly what they wanted to become since childhood and pursued just that.
2.Those who chose a career path which was way different from their educational qualifications.
3.Those who diverge or switch gears into multiple careers.
Trisha and Jalaja took my appointment, reached a few minutes before time.
Smartly dressed, their excitement and nervousness tucked under their confident demeanour.
They started off with crisp and clear instructions of how the interview would be conducted.
Their in-depth research was evident from the questionnaire.
As we concluded the interview, they gave me a beautifully thought out token of gratitude, for my time and inputs.
When I asked them about their purpose behind this project, they told me that it would help the standard tenth, outgoing batch from their school to choose their career paths and also give them the assurance that if one door closes, there are a 100 more that will open up.
Wow!!! Do we still want to wallow about how the new generation is turning into robots without empathy??
From where I’m sitting, all I can see is a radiant, promising tomorrow, filled with brilliant ideas, passion, kindness and unity.

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