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Updated 23:20 IST Mar 17, 2019

I am more than what you see
I am what I choose to be
I am what words fail to describe
I am what a mirror cannot reflect
I more than what you neglect
I am someone your definitions can't define
I am all those unexplored galaxies
What I need is not in you but in me, within me
I cannot be like anyone
I don't even want to be
Because I am, me
I am my victories and my losses
I am my strengths and my weaknesses
I am my pains and my gains
And still a lot remains
I am the most defined, yet! Undefined
I am the most explored, yet! unexplored
I am more than the color of my skin
I am more than my likes and dislikes
I am what any lens cannot capture so fine
Coz it cannot see what lies in this potential of mine
I am my brain, I am my heart, I am my soul
I am humble like the summer breeze, I am audacious like any black hole
I cannot do everything
But I can do something
I cannot be like anyone
But I can be what I was meant to be, the only one
You think you know me ?
Sometimes I don't even know myself
What paths I can take, which ceiling I can rip off , what all I can do and be?
You see, what I choose to show you
Yesterday I was the darkness, today I am the light, tomorrow I might be something else,something new
But still I am a lot more
than what you know
I am me, unapologetically
I am me, quintisentially
I am me, undeniably
I am boundless like a sea
I am like no-one, there is no-one like me
I am more than what you see
I am, what I choose to be....









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