His Surprises: Death and Heaven

By Vageesha in Poems » Long
Updated 00:10 IST Oct 22, 2020

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With a disquietude in my heart,

Buried a thirst to unfold this covert

And yet were they open, felt being closed,

All dwindled in dusk that nothing glowed.

The silence of moon could still be heard,

Making a dart I put my hand forward.

Not a bit longer could I hold my curiosity 

Had a desire to travel like Odysseus in Odyssy.

Forth I held and turned it(the door handle) right with my touch,

And to me disbelief rendered a cwtch.

Watching the door open with halcyon

Found myself standing out as I stepped in.

On seeing an ocean of fishy queries,

Couldn't enjoy the flee of canaries

Thus, skipping a beat it(my heart) said,

"For the fear I don't know, I'm a bit scared"

But the feet of mine desired to try it,

For the first time they couldn't be quiet.

My eyes saw the jovial green meadows

And my body felt those peaceful winds.

I marched ahead and found a door,

Opened it thinking that a surprise might roar.

Saw myself in eternal sleep so I walked away

Realising that now it's Heaven where I've to stay.

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