Hippie at Heart

By Kalamwali in Health & Wellness
Updated 13:17 IST Jul 13, 2016

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Quite often the brain and the heart pull everything between and around them in two different directions. Sometimes the heart wins but most of the times it’s the brain that conquers everything.

The word ‘free’ somehow generates more excitement when its associated with goods rather than its original meaning of ‘doing as one wishes’. 

When god created this world, I doubt he sent an instruction manual on what is right and what isn’t! What is good and what isn’t! What should be done and what shouldn’t!

But still, since our birth we entangle our brain with infinite rights wrongs, good bad, should shouldn’t and must mustn’t. Somehow we occupy most of the space in there with these things and leave very little of it to connect with the heart that speaks a different language altogether.

I wonder sometimes, is it just me who dreams of free spirit? Do normal capable people also feel like routine is monotonous? Well, I am a big fan of routine myself but every once in a while my heart wanders to places I want to take off to, things I want to take up and these do not necessarily fit in my routine.

Some mornings I wake up with a strong urge of switching off my phone, hiding my laptop and setting off to some place unknown. Then there are times when I think, maybe I should totally unlearn what I know and start learning from scratch. And by the time I reach the end of that thought I feel silly. Because I grew up believing this is silly.

As much as I love my environment, surroundings and my herd, I feel like a hippie at times. I know I am nothing like a hippie, not in my looks, nor in my behavior. In fact, I am territorial in my behavior. But I am a Hippie, at heart!!  

- Kalamwali

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