ganpati bappa morya

By kirti kulhari in Stories
Updated 01:30 IST Jun 16, 2016

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firstly... GANAPATI bappa morya..:) Just got back from a pooja and entertainment program with dinner organised right under my house. Two things struck me. One that its really heart warming to see people coming together,acknowledging each other and celebrating together. In a place like bombay...oops MUMBAI(I somehow still like the name BOMBAY)Mumbai sounds sophisticated and i personally always see FAKE,PRETENTIOUS,INDIFFERENT - words like these always surrounding SOPHISTICATION. So coming back to the point,in a city like Mumbai, where generally neighbors are as good as strangers,where people are completely caught up in their lives, when everyone comes together, its a rare sight but a very beautiful one. I wish we were all not so busy running, and took time out to acknowledge each others presence and just connect and bond even if it meant just" sharing a smile ". The second thing that truly touched me was, all the society children performing on the stage, which was actually my platform for a long time (when i was growing up) and the reason for where i stand today professionally and personally as well. I remember never ever missing a chance to be a part of any cultural program that my societies or the navy organised. My father provoking us, motivating us and sometimes literally forcing us to go out there and participate. It does far more to a child than one can imagine.It gives them the confidence, the ability to sometimes just participate, be a part of something without competing to be the best.It teaches them to be part of a team, to just have fun while doing something.It brings out their creative side, it ups their self-respect and makes them feel valuable and an important part of the society. I just loved watching them perform.May they all grow up to be beautiful human beings and succeed in all their endeavors. I shifted to this society, 3 months back and today i felt like i was a part of it:) GANAPATI BAPPA MORYA... blessings to all... love kirti
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