Destiny Played It's Game

By Vageesha in Poems » Long
Updated 23:11 IST Dec 08, 2019

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Used to stare at him from the corner 

To get a glimpse of him, it made her cheeks warmer 

Heeded every bit of him for no reason 

Perhaps wanted to be his mason

Her love for him grew up way too far 

For his services, threw herself out the limit jar 

Once her one-sided love made her cry 

So she told the Lord with wry 

That him the way she has loved 

One day he'll also love her, she hoped 

And there lied a thing named destiny 

It couldn't be blown away with a thought of serenity 

Playing with twists and turns was it's game 

In order to make things significant and not lame 

Years passed but her love for him stayed 

Eventually the destiny played 

For her he fell in love and confessed 

It was her destiny, it couldn't be suppressed 

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