Demonetisation- True Sanitization

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Updated 17:18 IST Nov 18, 2016

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8th of November 2016, is a date, many won’t forget. Just as most of us thought the day had ended and we continued to be drunk on monotony and sunk in routine some news flashed. Suddenly phones started to buzz. There was just one message out there: From midnight onwards the 500 and 1000 Rupee notes will be invalid as declared by the respected Prime Minister. There was much more to the news but the only thing that got registered at that point was that we no longer have valid currency. What was the PMO thinking? What was that?

We quickly had a family huddle and decided it wasn’t a catastrophe. We cumulatively decided to calm down and retire for the day. But the first thing I did was made a mental note of all the mental notes I had with me that would have zero value in just a couple of hours. These notes were not just notes, they were witness to all the times I could have blown the amount but chose not to. Those were my savings. But once you learn to calm yourself down under any circumstance, it’s kind of addictive and I gave into my addiction.

Next morning I woke up with a start. Sat in bed and asked myself, was it a dream? Suddenly it dawned upon me that I had no small denomination notes which were suddenly the only valid currency. At the breakfast table we further realised that none of us had enough money to buy vegetables, a loaf of bread and things we usually keep for last minute buys. But we had made a pact. We all laughed healthily and chose to eat what already was at home. As discussions are just as important as food for us, we indulged in one. Turned out, our stress, worries, tension and sense of insecurity was literally just temporary in the larger scheme of things. Also for the first time we all realised that people with lesser money, or money that is accounted for and paid taxes for are the ones who had little or nothing to worry. And that meant all of us sitting at the table were pretty much sailing safe. (Apart from the whispering mental note, about the mental notes that sat beautifully in a silk pouch tucked away in the corner of my cupboard).

As the day progressed, the event started sinking in with a realisation that finally something good was about to happen. I have no personal offense against the cash rich, but I felt happy for the joy of those who weren’t. As the messages circulated about not exhausting the invalid notes on unaware people like House helps and vendors, we started to think of way we could pay salaries to the house staff. When I expressed this to my house help, she quickly said she didn’t want the salary. I tried to calm her down but she just said “No. I don’t want the money”. I felt a little sorry but I assured her I’ll find a way out.

Next step was to test the waters. So I took some of my secret savings and walked to the bank. To my surprise, everything happened smoothly. A special mention to the bank staff that was helpful and cooperative. This reassured the fact that something good was about to come out of this. Clearly the temporary inconvenience was in no way affecting the hope for a better future.

Parallel to this, as we experience every day, everyone is virtually and continually vocal. In the week that followed, majority of the people from my circle appeared happy, proud and relieved with what is known as Demonetisation (a term we newly learnt like it had been recently added to the Oxford Dictionary). Many spoke the financial language and proved how this was a brilliant step and then there were those like me who just felt proud to have witnessed and lived a great revolution. All in all the spirits were good; or at least appeared to be. I am sure most of them were struggling to put up a brave front while dealing with disposing the cash as for the first time in the history of mankind, those with lesser cash were happier than those with more. Even bad debts started frantically surfacing and acting desperate to clear off the payments. And for the first time ever, people were refusing to be paid.

Everyone’s personal expenses came down with the fear of draining the smaller denomination notes. There was thoughtfulness and mindfulness. Suddenly the 100 rupee note became the Hero and the notes that spelled richness became trash.

Meanwhile, the media and social media were playing the role of a pimp aptly, just like they always do. Highlighting the inconvenience caused to common man due to the long queues outside the bank, attributes of the new 2,000 Rupee note, shortage of currency, so called vested interest of the PM, hypothetical loopholes in demonetisation and much more. I was shocked to see negative comments (one in a hundred) by known people too. Each person has the right to expression but my question is, Why? Why would anyone want to concentrate on the hypothetical loopholes? And if the loopholes are for certain, why haven’t they come out in the open? If those against this step are sure that this is a scam, why not write an open letter to the PMO with valid questions? Why sit quiet? This is your country too after all and you deserve to be able to contribute for its betterment.

If the Prime Minister has declared this with a lawful intent, why resist the change? All rules, fluctuations, awkwardness and panic are for the entire nation, including the ruling party and their well-wishers. For once, there is no discrimination. Isn’t this a celebratory moment on its own?

The financial and national repercussions of this are much larger than we as normal people can fathom. But personally I am a compulsive optimist and all I can think of is a better country in the times to come; where now on, people will not feel foolish for working hard and working ethically. Evading taxes will no longer be in fashion. The difference between ‘haves and have nots’ will not be as stark or a reason for anyone to feel inferior or superior.

In the spirit of being wishful, this might even eradicate crime as it is practically impossible to fuel lawbreaking activities through cheque payments or Bank transfers. This could eventually decipher into much needed peace and that confidence, that when needed, harsh steps will be taken by the Government that will be supported unquestionably by the people of the country. Its times like these that ignite within us the realisation about how much immoral we have tolerated as a nation. Haven’t we been divided repeatedly over the past century over trivial issues? How about coming together for once and standing up for the better that awaits us in the near future? Let us have faith and be patient. Having faith has never harmed anyone and doubting constantly has never benefited anyone.

On that note #Demonetisation #TrueSanitization #LetUsSupportHim #IamWithModi

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Nitesh Kumar 02-Mar-2017 19:31

I also think its a great move.

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