Burning Desire

By Tanvee in Poems » Long
Updated 12:15 IST Jan 21, 2018

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When desires become your worst nightmare,
no matter how strong you are you have no hold on your beliefs, 
& soon enough there will be no door filled with serenity and relief.
Running behind your passion is a world's quest,
some get stuck in this whirlpool and some gets at its best. 
My edges are burning to light my dreams,
but they are all in a blue funk it seems.
Following my dreams thinking they know their way best,
stumbling into the drakness with my dreams I progressed.
The choices that I made, the people whom i chose, the decisions which i took thinking they were for some reason,
but with the phase of time I got to know it was just an october season.
My dreams are all set onto the fire, and to reach them will always be my burning desire !
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