Break Up

By Vageesha in Poems » Long
Updated 16:52 IST Dec 08, 2019

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We broke up

And everytime we had a hiccup 

As we missed each other 

Though the love couldn't move further

Well, our love was rebellious 

Still it became hilarious 

We thought we'd be fine

But the pain crossed the line 

A lot we cried

Not in front, in front we sighed

Inspite of being under the same roof 

We acted like we're aloof

He wanted me to forget him

Would that make my love dim?

I tried to do so

Oh Lord I can't cease my love and go

He lies within me

Like the beauty in sea

Dissolved yet can't be seen

Only be felt with some keen

He cared for me but could not pretend 

I cried for him but could not ascend 

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