Anything Sweeter than our Love?

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He felt her shiver suddenly in sleep. He held her shoulder and shook her. Her head toppled to face him. She opened her eyes filled with tears in the semi lit bedroom of theirs.

“Are you okay?” He questioned her with restlessness and care filled tone.

“Don’t touch me, go away!” She said in a faint tone without any energy to shout that out.

He pulled her closer despite her calls to be away. Pulled her head on his elbow the same way they slept every night. She never used any pillows; his folded arm was more than heaven for her head. Making her face so close that his lips found her face all night. His wide hands around her making a safe bunker along his chest. Even in her sleep she used to put her arms around him so tight showed how much she wanted him held close. Tonight it was different. She wanted to be alone, away from him. As he pulled her closer, she couldn’t protest, she didn’t have the energy to fight back. Tears rolled on her face.

He still remembered the first day, he was on his knees and she was in tears, choked with so much of joy that all she could do was nodding her head again and again saying a clear ‘yes’. He knew when her emotions are too high she cannot talk.

 “Please..!” She begged to be alone.

He just pulled her closer and cupped her face. He could never bear seeing her in tears. He silently wiped her tears with his fingers. As the tears disappeared from her face it started to flow from his eyes.

“Can’t you just leave me alone?” She said, with every syllable falling out of her shivering lips she lost more control over her tears.

“Shh” he said and hugged.

The same morning they were fighting each other down on the same bed. She won, as always. Her tender hands never had enough power to wrestle his muscular ones. But just to see her win he will get weak.

“Yaay! I won, see I’m stronger. Now get up you loser, it’s late.”  She said out the line between her giggles and wide grins.

 He just kept silent and saw her face dancing with joy.

It all flashed on his eyes, now on the same bed she was crying.

“For me” he said staring in her eyes.

“Just leave me alone” she started crying more.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to disturb you amidst your family party, dear” he started to explain.

“Was the party more important than you? Why can’t you just respect my heart?” She broke in more tears.

She knew he was guarding her more than enough.

Few hours ago she felt a sudden fear gripping while she was in her family party. Her happiness and joys now and then dropped with an untold fear.

She rang him “He must be here by now, but as usual late, I have to prepare to show anger on him for this” she smiled over the thought, anger on him wasn’t possible.

He didn’t pick up even after two of her missed calls. Finally third time he picked and his voice sent a little relief.

“Hey, I’m sorry I will be there soon. Well can I call you in few minutes?” He was in hurry cutting that call.

“Hmm okay, are you alright? You don’t sound normal. Where are you? I was missing you a lot you know?” her words were cut in between.

“Sorry, I will be there soon, gotta hang up dear. See you soon, bye” he cut without hearing her completely.

That was absolutely weird. She was struck in more restlessness, new fears gripped her, above all she started to miss him more badly now.

He came home late, she opened the door while preparing herself to be angry on him but she was dying to feel him close. As the doors flung open and she saw his forehead with a bandage with a pint of his blood. Her eyes widened, she hardly could say anything.

“What… What happened?” She shouted.

“Stay calm first, it is nothing just a little accident my car rammed another and all, nothing big, don’t worry.” He assured.

She broke in tears saying “why didn’t you tell me?” Her eyes glittered of wetness. She now understood why he cut her amidst the call, he was hiding that time.

“You met the accident before I called?” She pushed out a sentence from her tears riven face which had turned red.

“Yeah, but see it’s nothing big…” he was saying and all he could was just hugging her close to him. Her face seeing up on him while he held her close he saw her tear ridden face turned red.

 Her red face reminded of their last vacation.

“I love this weather; it makes my skin a little red and its cute, isn’t it?” She jingled joyfully.

 “No, get inside it’s too much of sun for you, you are just getting your skin burned” he said worrying about her skin which was turning sunset red from snowy white.

“I don’t care I love this anyways” she broke his worries with a giggle along the line.

 “I do, I care, dear” he said with a smile. She can never put away his joys for hers, she went back in shade.

 “Why you do this? Why on earth I love you so much? You…. Just go away, let me live in peace, just go” she pushed him away first with words then with her tender hands. She just went away from his sight, all she wanted was a bed where she could throw herself and cry.

He tried to make up with her, she wasn’t in the state to talk or even see his face. A bandage on him was hurting her a lot. She was frightened to death, even a little cut on him felt like daggers in her. It pained her whenever he had something, let it be the tiniest pain. Night emerged; the laughter and joy weren’t there today. Today it was just silence ringing in all the corners of the house.

“It’s just a little thing, please get out of the room. At least let me in, unlock it” he said in a sad tone standing on the bedroom door.

She didn’t answer. Her silence was the mark of her disappointment, pain and biggest of all, love and fear of losing him.

“I’m dying to see you, please open the door?” He shouted.

She walked to the door the next second and opened it and faced him with a pain clearly marked on her face “you have to use that word?” She said with a sigh.

‘Dying’ he shouldn’t have let that word out. It must have killed her for a moment. He pushed away the door and hugged her. Her fragile body wanted it, she stood numb with tears but then pushed him off.

“Just go away” she said and dug herself inside the blanket.

He followed her and tried pulling her closer in bed.

“I will walk out of this home if you dared to even touch me this time” she warned him.

Her softness broke away. How much little things hurt her when it comes to him. He kept quiet. She drifted off to sleep with wet eyes.

Her sudden wake up was an emotional meet up in her sleep. She dreamt an awful event of his car meeting an accident again which he really went through that very day. It was terrific for her, as a soft soul which just lived to love him. She woke and wanted him close, but she cannot forgive him, he didn’t tell her immediately. He always hides his pains from her, it hurt her.

In his hugs she looked up and saw the bandage still there. Closed her eyes shut with a sharp pain of seeing him hurt. She opened her eyes again to check him again as if the bandage will disappear now. She was still a kid when it comes of things like this. It was still there. He noticed her childish wishes that with a blink of eye him getting cure. He eased her on the bed and left the room, she saw him walk out and sleep embraced her weak eyes.

Minutes later he was back and hugged her close and tight waking her up in the process. She looked on his face, her eyes lit up. Again tears started to engulf her beautiful eyeballs. But now, she was happy, it healed her hours of painful worries.

“How did you find this?” She asked him without taking away the eye from him. “Its safeguarded, its one of the countless treasures you gave me, I love it.” He said pointing to the wool knit cap which she had woven for him once when he was going for a conference abroad. It had things knit like a child’s one, just it was big enough to fit his adult head.

 Another childish thing she did and he loved it all. He wore that knit cap his entire trip without thinking what people will think of him with a childish headgear. All he wanted was she being close to him.

 Hours of silence broke away with her joy.

“I love you” she said with a tear rolling along her face more violently than before.

He held her more close and kissed her forehead saying “Me too”.

His lips found her, like heavens he wanted it more. They cuddled in each others’ arms, a magic surrounded them. His lips not only met her skin, it touched her wounds healing them. Her fragile arms tugging him closer can even fight the world to make him safe.

He saw in her eyes which regained its shine after hours, she dug her gaze deep in his.

He said ”In the whole universe….”

And she completed his sentence “Anything sweeter than our love?”

Together they said “No”. 

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