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I One day in the afternoon I was watching TV and I saw a young woman with her pregnant tummy then child was born mother having tears as she was hholding her new born baby and breastfeeding...

i will sitting on the bed feeling cosy on my silk bedcover curtains closed bedroom was in complete darkness and complete silence as i had muted the t.v in advertisement... Holding a huge mug of my favourite elaichi ginger chaai... I started to dreaming thinking back in to a time which I could only imagine,

i was imagining a new life for myself I am getting married to my love who is the main center of attraction of my life.. One fine day just with in a month of my marriage i come to know i am pregnant .. I had not even come out of my immense happiness of my first night which was still freshfor me and I getting second happiness of conceiving the imagination of new life growing inside me..

i becoming happy as well as scared by the thought of conceiving by the man whom I loved alot... I getting scared or the love blinded me those fears, for the prospect of marrying the man i had fallen head overheels in love with, and now bearing a child which was so utterly exciting my hands on my tummy to feel my child..

i hear my hubby calling out of me i blinked and realise he is back from office and all of a sudden his presence makes my heart rate so high like taking a part in marathon... I wanting to tell him you are going to become a father...

A very strange fear zippedup my spine for the fact i had conceived... I slipped my fingers into hubby ji's fingers and felt so amazing at how comfortable his grip felt and how much warmth could be conveyed into me by just the touch of one hand and looking into his romantic eyes and taking his other hand so soft and warm and touching it to my tummy..

i wanted action to speak louder than voice... Was hoping he could understand what am I trying to convey... Just at a moment i understood hubby ji has learnt by a friction of a moment he understood and with happiness tears flowing down my cheeks my face becoming so hot i shut my eyes and he pecks me in my forehead... We both hugging eachother he feeling my tummy his unborn child inside me and getting worldhappiness...

My cell starts ringing my dream is broken i come back to the hard core reality.... Seeing myself in mother's house unmarried lonely dark room and tea became cold i realising the circumstances of the current moment I telling to myself like this room is pitch dark so is your destiny... You have everything in your body to conceive bear a child but can't...

i wipe my tears and accept the reality... Of being lonely single no love no marriage no motherhood....... Dream is always going to remain a dream....

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Anil Kumar Sharma 17-Jul-2016 20:06

Too romantic

Rahul Mahale 17-Jul-2016 21:19

So touching....hope dream come true..

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