A short life

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Updated 23:27 IST Nov 27, 2022

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The frosty wind ironed the disturbing cracks of the ragged old building, preparing itself for the unexpected visitor. The last yellow leaves of the lonely oak tree flew in freedom, like a caged bird’s dream, landing ever so lightly on the sandy entrance. The dry amber clouds began to sink sadly into fading cinnabar sky, as if they wished to painfully mock his helplessness, and obscured behind the contorted walls of the massive construction. A dozen of jagged black windows aligned itself obediently onto the bricked surface and stared obliviously at the guilt-ridden man, completely unaware of the dejection that lay deep within the his throbbing heart. The rusty iron gates whined in refusal and banged the feeble cement fence that walled the entire compound, as he shoved the arrogant gray barriers open. Withered sand crackled beneath his charcoal black boots, as he trudged bitterly into the barren lands. The long brown cloak that held tight onto his broad shoulders danced to the pace of heavy footsteps and matched his periodically swinging arms. He dragged his desolated feet across the burnt bits of grass, leaving smooth trails of crushed ash over every footstep. My eyes spied the dispirited gentleman, as he froze at the realization of his inability to penetrate the inflamed bricks. His bony fingers traced the cinder that blanketed the blazed walls and stuck unhesitatingly between the long fingernails. Cold tears ran down the contoured jawline steering his woeful face towards a jewel that sparkled within the black lump of ember. His broken back clicked, as he crooked at the tarnished bronze locket and brushed off the gray dust. The clasped fist unfurled generously to pick the taupe brooch and motion to his masculine chest. Tears crept out of the latched eyelids and glued the sweet memories that he secretly cherished, within. The cold scent of a fresh rainfall left its numbing presence, as I fluttered my teal feathers and softened my frozen beak in its solacing warmth. His virile and muscled limbs that hid shamefully under the expensive and shiny black suit shook immensely at a mere memory of his adored daughter. I bitterly recalled the blinding monster, holding its boastful pride in smothering a hundred naive lives. Piercing screams of fright and weakness rung within my ears, as I repeatedly anchored my attention to the pepper-haired man. There he sat with a tired back leaning onto the silent wall and his pale green eyes wincing at the golden sunset. The polished black boots waggled the parched pockets of sand, blurring the air with specks of brown dust and dark sorrow. The girl pounced happily over her beloved father, planting adored kisses all over his exhausted face. He swirled her around, laughing along with her childish giggles. Hand in hand, they ambled across the luscious green grass of the old school, gossiping about her first day at play-school. Blades of patched brown leaves sliced carefully across the thick coat of feathers, rousing my eyes from the pleasant dream. I soothed my pierced heart, sensing the weakness that lay within him, and waved my flimsy wings away into the fading sky. 




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