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Updated 10:04 IST Jul 15, 2016

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The lines between rural and urban blur everyday. Our cities spread into villages and we are constantly at war with the environment.


As a parent, when I look into my child’s eyes I want her to see a promise of a better tomorrow.

As an animal lover, when I look into the eyes of the ones that cross paths with me, I want to also promise a better tomorrow.


A tomorrow that is far away from the grim reality of today.


As parents we need to equip our children and not just hope it will get better. They can actually change the world if we are able to teach them to care!


“Don’t touch, it can bite”, “Toss it out of the window”, “It is just a dog”, “The jungle is a dark and scary place where monsters live”…. Just some of the things that children hear all the time from the adults around them.

Concern for safety is something I can relate to, I myself have instructed my own daughter about being careful around animals. But the instructions were thoughtful: “Sweetie, all animals are different. Some like people some don’t. As you get older you will be able to recognize the ones that want you to stay away. You will also realize some animal species are not meant to be approached. Ask mummy before touching any animals. Don’t be scared but know that you must respect them.”


How are we influencing our children to be more aware of their surroundings? Are we talking to them enough? Are we being responsible when we talk and through our actions? Are we exposing them to enough so that they care?

Take your children to the local shelter- teach them that all animals are equal pedigree or not. Let them meet dogs and cats that look different, that have a leg or an ear missing. Don’t shield them; they will be better for it. Involve them in conversations about the environment. Even at a very young age, you will be surprised at how sensitive they can be towards nature. Try your best to avoid implicating your fears on them. Take them out of their comfort zones and into the wilderness. Let them witness how wonderful nature can be. Let them collect worms and beetles. Let them find quiet confidence and respect for wild animals. Let them know trees are to be revered and water is to be valued. We have been taught that “Human Being” is at the top of the food chain. Maybe it is time to rethink this ideology. Is it really about being at the top or living in harmony?


We need a generation that can change the world. A generation that does not look away when a being is in pain. A generation that learns to co-exist instead of destroying and ruling. What we do today, will shape our tomorrow, their tomorrow. As parents, that is on us. Start now!


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