What makes life worth living?

By Rhea sovani in Stories
Updated 01:30 IST Jun 16, 2016

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What makes life worth living ? Life is such a beautiful gift. Breathing is such a beautiful gift. Living is amazing. You have the chance to make people happy, you have the ability to make people smile. You can make people go from tears to laughing to tears. Yes, life gets problematic at times and hits an all time low. Yes, there are times you end up loathing your life and yourself. But that's life, we have good days as well as bad days. Some days you just want to jump off a cliff, some days you want to run into peoples arms! Thats the beauty of life, when you get past those horrible days (and they may be often) , life is magical. We all have days on which we can't stop laughing or smiling, that's what makes life worth living ; the happiness, the smiles and even those tears.
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