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A road less travelled often takes one to a destination so unique and an experience so virgin. Ticking the 'to do' list of a destination is an agenda of a traveller. But tapping what's beyond the famous 'to do' list is the passion of an explorer.

If a diary of a traveller who has just returned from Spain is glanced upon, one would certainly find mentions of Tapas, Paella, Flamenco, Antoni Gaudi, Soccer, Bull fighting. A diary of a more passionate traveller would read, Tomatina Festival, night life of Ibiza, quaint little nudist towns with heavenly beaches and more. But an explorer's diary would enlist beyond all this, right into the depth touching each angle of Spain's versatility. Arguably one of Western Europe's most multi faceted offspring, this country has something to offer to each category of travellers and explorers. Right from pristine beaches to Europe's highest mountains, glitzy cosmopolitan cities to traditional tiny villages. Here are a few elements of less explored but breathtakingly gorgeous Spain.

Alhambra in Granada: Standing massively as one of Europe's most intricate and grand fortresses is that of Alhambra. Situated in the region of Granada which is called the 'boulder' of Spain, serves as a hub for hippies, offering great food, with some spectacular street art on display and a view 'to die for' once u reach the top of the fortress.

Sierra Nevada Mountains: If you thought Spain was only about beaches, soccer and architecture, hold your breath. The Sierra Nevada ski resort is certainly in the league of the best ski resorts in Europe. But what is more unique about this place is that one can ski down the mountain and directly touch a beautiful beach to enjoy the sun sand and get a tan on the same day, experiencing a geographical miracle.

The Aqueduct, Segovia: A magnificent 2000 year old Roman structure stretches along 800 meters and stands as an extremely picturesque backdrop, still in great condition flaunting Spain's rich heritage.

Rio Tinto River Situated in the southern part of Andalusia, Rio Tinto river translated as 'red river' makes an unbelievable contrast of colours for a water body. Having given birth to the iron and copper age, a 22 km long train journey takes one along the river, through the mines and the vegetation. The NASA have termed it as 'Mars on Earth' due to its very high iron content and acidity that gives the waters it's red colour making it unsuitable for swimming. Life however does survive in it, in spite of such extreme conditions exhibiting a true miracle of nature.

Gran Canaria One of the less 'travelled to' Island of Spain, Gran Canaria has an array of landscapes any place could possibly have. Majestic sand dunes, mountains suitable for mountain biking, treks and trails and finally the tranquil beaches with dense underwater world making it a great destination for scuba diving, surfing and water sports. One can also walk to the centre of the island and come across cave villages giving a taste of the local tradition.

Explore the unexplored, set out on a journey to see 'Reino de Espana' beyond a set itinerary for Spain. Fill your suitcases with unique souvenirs hearts with amusing memories, mind with spectacular views, and taste buds with flavours leaving one salivating. Don't just visit Spain, explore it.

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