The shortcomings of growing up.

By Rhea sovani in Experiences
Updated 01:30 IST Jun 16, 2016

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Growing up isn't easy. It's one hell of an experience. It's an endless journey in which life keeps throwing invisible hate bombs at you which you can't seem to dodge all that gracefully. You find out who you are and what you want (an endless list of needs), and then you realise that the people who you seem to have known forever, don't see things the way you do. There is this unexplainable and drastic change in perspectives,and your lack of comprehending them creates drifts between you and these people. In this process, you loose most of them and yet, find yourself moving on. That's when the 'maturity' kicks in. You might find yourself stuck in dark phases but you know that the light will begin to shine and the darkness will not be able to stop it. You keep telling yourself that life will be all rainbows and sunshine with just a little patience and perseverance. You no longer find the need for people you love to tell you that. You become independent enough to take your decisions and your newly enhanced ego doesn't really encourage any amount of external advice offered to you. This is the point wherein even your own parents seem to be an obstruction in your growth. The very beings who brought you into this world seem to be enforcing unnecessary restrictions on you. Little do we know that at this point they are just trying to protect us, that's exactly what they have been doing since all of us were a tiny, microscopic, single cell in our mothers womb. But in this fast and unfitting world we grow up to let all such attachments take the backseat and focus on our own selfish needs. We keep running in the long and tiring rat race and find that we have lost an integral part of ourselves by loosing the people we love and have let go of in the process.
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