The Mother Tree

By urmila poojari in Stories
Updated 01:30 IST Jun 16, 2016

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It was a small tender plant, bending and swaying with wind. Gusted tried to uproot its stem, its embodied stem stood firm. It grew in a big tree with pain often experiencing sunshine and rain. With natures help it got dressed, with branches, flowers and fruits the best. Birds started chirping and flying around, which made the tree happy hearing the sound. Eating the fruits and quenching the thirst, birds eagerly started building their nests. Seeing birds laying their eggs and flying free, made the tree happy and full of glee. Birds dependency on the tree made it so proud. That it wanted to shout aloud. The tree thought the fruits and flowers are mine. I am generous to them and very kind. When all was well rhyme or reason, alas suddenly came the change of season. The trunk started weakening, fruits and flowers started wilting and dropping, its leaves and branches started drying away, birds started flying away. It did not have even tears to shed overcome with grief its heart bled. The same with mankind; Time passes away before you think It races away even before you think. - Urmila Poojari  
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