By kirti kulhari in Poems
Updated 01:30 IST Jun 16, 2016

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This is where I belong, On the SILVER SCREEN... I promise to make you smile, I promise to make you scream... I shall live every moment of every character I play, Feeling all the emotions inside that lay... People do not live their lives fully, I live so many lives totally... Am I lucky or Am I lucky... I thank GOD every day, For giving me what I love... And making it stay... I spend my day- singing, dancing... And of course, busily shooting... At night, I sleep with a smile, Ready to walk... The next morning another mile... Its not where I reach that matters, Its where I am today... That truly flatters... I will give it all I have. Only to look back at life and say... " Yes I lived you...lived u with all that I had..."

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