Puzzles and pieces

By Neha Panchamiya in Poems » Short
Updated 17:30 IST Dec 02, 2016

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Every time you trip me, 

We almost land a fall, 
Then you catch me in time,
And act like nothing happened at all.
It really hurts me when you're upset, 
And I take away your smile, 
It really hurts me when you say words,
That take away mine.
We're like mirrors to each other, 
Not always showing our best face,
But a mirror never lies,
Or hides the truth under a pretty lace.
Sometimes we tear each other apart,
Egos, opinions and belief,
But when we're done picking up shreds, 
We end up kissing in relief.
We're 5000 piece puzzles, 
Complex to figure and have fixed, 
But once that's done,
Won't matter that the pieces were mixed.
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