Paid to Judge?

By Kalamwali in Experiences
Updated 01:30 IST Jun 16, 2016

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When I sit down to watch these reality shows sometimes, I tend to carefully observe the judge's comments. Most of the times mine match theirs but sometimes if they don't, my instant reaction is, "what a dumb judge". "And he/she gets paid to judge plus gets to wear all those lovely outfits plus gets to decide someone's destiny for the moment?". "That's what I call a dream job". But subconsciously all of us, especially us women, are always at this dream job. The only difference is that neither are we paid for it, nor does our opinion matter and most of all, its unsolicited. But we still continue to do it. Judge people, judge situations, judge behaviour, judge appearances, judge the judgement even. 'Oh she's got so many tattoos, seems to be a wild chic', 'She's doesn't know how to cook, bad upbringing', 'She's always out of the house, wonder who looks after the child, and why to give birth if she wanted to stay out all day?' 'Always well dressed, must be a spoil brat from an illustrious family', 'He's joined his father's business, must have been a cakewalk', 'He never says a word to her, how henpecked', 'He's got too much of his forefather's wealth to blow, hence this lifestyle', 'Look at the way she walks, talks, totally slutty' It doesn't end there. We judge our country, our religion, our planet, our state of affairs, our leaders, the celebrities and even the judgment passed by the judges who's profession and forte it is to judge. We judge and we criticize, and then we judge and we complain, and again we judge because someone's judgment was different than ours. And we judge, but we don't budge. This judgement job brings us a lot of entertainment, sometimes gives us a topic to strike a conversation with someone, and even helps us satisfy that big fat ego of ours. What we forget is that our brain, which is so powerful, has the ability to be far more creative, productive and optimistic. So one evening while catching up over a cup of coffee, after we had finished judging situations and people around, a very close friend of mine and me got really tired. We were mentally exhausted. After a few minutes of silence, we both realised that the coffee was over and neither of us were happy or peaceful after this meet. So we told each other, that from the next morning onwards, we will pledge in our prayers that we wont judge and criticize anyone. YES.. You read that right. No judging. No criticizing. And do you know how difficult that is? More difficult than Mathematics for me. My head was blasting by the time the first day ended just by telling my brain, "Uhuh, ignore, don't think about her/him/that/this. If the thought isn't going, think about something positive, If that doesn't help, sing a song". Yes, 'sing a song' helped. Also what helped was that each time I wanted to pass a judgement, I asked myself, "Am I being paid for this"? "Am I getting to wear a stunning designer outfit to judge"? "Is my judgment going to in any manner help the person/situation I am judging"? "Am I going to feel content once I finish judging and/or criticizing"? The answers to all the above came as NO.. A big NO. And hence began a new journey towards self discovery. As all the time I save now from not judging and criticizing, I invest in myself. I didn't write this to give 'Gyaan' to the readers, nor did I write to impress anyone. I wrote it because I wanted to share my joy.. Also if we start following this even with people around us, we can guarantee a happy blissful atmosphere to live..
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