One Hug

By Batgirl in Short
Updated 01:30 IST Jun 16, 2016

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Yesterday when I hugged you, I felt like I'd finally come home- the warmth, the security, the love, the bond that I had been missing for years was right there. That one hug made me forget all the worries that had been bothering me till date, it made me feel alive all over again. And that was the best feeling ever. That one hug made me realize that no matter what happens in life, I would always have you,that I could always rely on you and you'd always be there to protect me. That one hug made me feel so safe, that at that moment I felt like no one could break me. That one hug assured me that you'd have my back no matter what and that I could turn to you if I have any problems. That one hug made me realize how much i missed you over the years. That one hug was all I needed to restore my faith in myself and in you. So here I am, thanking my stars for that one hug that gave you back to me.
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