I love him

Updated 01:30 IST Jun 16, 2016

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I love you... Thats the only truth that defines me...falling for you was something I never planned. You always found many differences between us to get separated.. but I view them as the mean of beautiful union of 2 perfect opposites.... Dont say that Iam never bothered just because you cant see it the way I feel... you are blessed with the excellent ability to judge people.. then why cant you see my blindness in love for you ? Yes.. you are able enough to play with many others like me.. but why cant you feel that the way I love you no one else does. I know you dont care for such stupid emotional things.. and probably you never intended to hurt me.. but honestly dear I feel like being played.. I love you.. love you for who you are today and will love you for what you will be tomorrow... :*
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