Cheers to the Chai wala!

By Kalamwali in Stories
Updated 01:30 IST Jun 16, 2016

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Over a span of merely six months, a wave of optimism has taken over the state of stagnation which lasted us a decade. The term of a prospect "Super Power" doesn't sound like a rude joke anymore. The daily news includes national achievements too now, rather than just national scams. "Achhe din aane wale hain" doesn't seem like only an intelligent election campaign, but a journey towards something positive. There is a sudden leap from the state of 'self pity' to that of a 'go getter' as a nation. All of a sudden its not about a district, a state, a community or a section. Its about what is geographically known as a country. What happened at Madison Square less than 48 hours back created history. One man, on a mission , with a vision, and the conviction was able to tune millions of minds into believing that his campaign was for real. As I heard him speak, I saw the way status updates and messages on social media changed from indifferent/negative/critical to proud/optimistic/patriotic/respectful. Its hardly a matter of which party he belongs to or which part of the country he hails from now. Its entirely a matter of what his intentions are. What his agenda is. In what direction is he progressing. Standing proud in the country and taking it by a storm which denied him a Visa sometime back, could have been possible only for a person with a strong purpose. He was there not to prove his own personal capability or seek revenge for all the times he failed in the past. He was there to represent us, our identity, our entity. His words brought back the sense of belonging to a place, in all those who have left the motherland for a better life. Back home, I think every two year old and above who can say his or her own name, knows his name, along with the fact that there's something great about it. As the 'youth' there is this immediate need to shake and wake and join hands to help him create a better place for our offspring. In less than six months, so much has changed. He humbly said that he was a 'chai wala' but this confession of his has brought dreams in the eyes of thousands of such chai walas. He has brought back the realisation and hope that anyone can achieve anything as long as there are intentions backed by conviction. Hopefully in the months to come, he will change the impression we have of a Political leader. As he has been more like a leader than a politician. And that doesn't mean he is a reincarnation of Mahatma Gandhi. He has some dirty linen too. He's got a past. Some ruthless critics. But he still is like a hero. Not that he is a one man army either. He has a team of experts who market him well, with heaps of intelligence and wit to deal with the crooked world today. Still, sitting here in a big city where the quality of life has deteriorated over the past few years, I feel I can see a affirmative change coming rapidly towards me, thanks to the hope this one man has given. I also know I don't need to disclose his name to make this article factual. All I know is that each time, I sip my tea now, I feel like raising a toast and saying "Cheers to the Chai wala"!
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