Activity of the Month | December 2016

2016 to me has been...

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Vidisha S 13-Dec-2016 12:11

like a journey to self discovery. I am still travelling!

Manali Jobanputra 11-Dec-2016 10:24

An eye opener!

rohitlimaye 07-Dec-2016 20:45

Has been!

ketanv 07-Dec-2016 16:41

This year I've seen various shades of life which I've never seen before, 2016 added plenty of new pages into the book of my life.

Guneet Sharma 07-Dec-2016 15:17

full of lessons. :) turned life upside down and made it even more interesting.

Neha Panchamiya 06-Dec-2016 21:57

life changing!

Vaibhavi 06-Dec-2016 17:51

A rollercoaster.....

Diyaa 06-Dec-2016 15:05

very very kind. found new people new experiences. acquired new art saw new places and gave me the best gift... my nephew

Shobhita Rawlani 06-Dec-2016 14:38

A year where i lost many, revealed the real ones, and finally growing towards prosperity :)

Naved Ahmad 06-Dec-2016 12:50

A batlle within.

Abhi 06-Dec-2016 11:25

past...till present...

Meenakshi Chugh 06-Dec-2016 11:21

A Year when I get to know what I am capable of. It Gives me lessons,regrets & heartbreaks. But I Guess I Need This. It Helps me to Know Who I Am ,How Much Strong I Am, what actually I Deserve. Before this, I was A girl with a simple life. But Now I realise my dreams. I want to achieve more, Do great things, travel a lot & many more. At times,its been a hard year but one of the great year of my life. Because I get To Know myself. I Get To know heartbreaks, regrets, failures these are just a part of life. Lets not lose hope & move ahead. Dont Let anyone ruin your life. Take charge of your life. Talk to Yourself, Love yourself. & dream big. Sorry for such a long post but it was neceesary. Thank You For Reading. #Meenakshi

Meenu Goel 06-Dec-2016 11:14

Eventful, unexpected and inspiring.

Kalamwali 06-Dec-2016 11:13

The year of many Firsts and of fixing the broken..

Rosh 06-Dec-2016 11:04

A year full of important lessons and regrets!

sonia 06-Dec-2016 10:58

An unbridled discovery of new emotions connections and events. A subtle transformation into a more mature person.. there were people movies food and music that inspired.

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