Validation of my existence

By Raveena Warkad in Poems » Long
Updated 23:12 IST Mar 21, 2017

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You look at me,
Like an object of wonder.
Talk about me,
For fun.
And fun,
Is not a blunder!
You pat your back,
For those witty references.
'Flat LED screen'
Or a Kite,
That would fly
Because the breeze
Has enough power
To just blow and
Easily I will be plundered.
I love to hear,
Those discussions.
Looking at the curiosity,
And descriptions
Of my body,
I am not astonished.
Because flaws are your first focus.
In yourself,
In this World.
Some of you,
Just too fat,
For that pretty dress.
Because curves today
Have standard numbers.
And Not being upto the mark,
That worst fear.
This fear never haunts me,
Because Home is one place I love.
My Home, My Body.
I came with it
Into this world.
With my soul all wrapped up
Perfectly in that mould.
I can call it mine.
And Claim it with utmost confidence.
Fot that was the first thing I possessed.
And will also be the last one.
For I will not be a part of the cosmos,
Only when my body has had it enough.
It is much more than those comparisons,
And even more than the compliments.
For it is the only validation
Of my existence.
And I flaunt it,
As I walk,
In my talk.
In that look,
Though you see many flaws.
I see none.
Because I am in love with the commitment I am offered.
Though I never asked for one.

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