Experimenting Emotions

By Ramanathan Shankara in Daily Musings
Updated 08:46 IST May 04, 2017

I feel there has been an increase of social experiments from vloggers and youtuber's..... to the point where it becomes very annoying. 

People experiment almost everything, women harassment, eve teasing, body shamming, racial discrimination, regional discrimination, religion, color discrimination etc,.

It is good to see how people react when there is injustice, but this form of experiments is on the rise and people's emotions are put to the test. For example, Talk about women harassment or domestic abuse, it is true every soul boils seeing such atrocities. People react or to the extreme people snap. 

Another example is body shamming which is.more of mental harassment, mental torture and almost crushes the very soul of the individual. I have been a victim of this personally and I still am. But I have learned to ignore and move on. I even srarted listening to musoc where i can relate my life and calm down on the daily **** i go through. I listen to the track "Hater by Korn", which kind of relates to the way i feel when i am constantly bullied for the way i look. But at the same time, it is a waste of time thinking of it because it is exactly what people want from us. 

Such emotional stuff, when they are experimented time and time again, it creates a dilemna if someones video taping the situation. 

But I think without a second thought we should react to such acts, doesnt matter if it is a social experiment or a real life scenario. You may never know, you could saved someine from the **** they go through.

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